Girls Soccer Birds breaks tie to defeat Dixie


Junior Jade Rehberger signals to her teammates for a corner kick.

This past Monday, September 21st, there were three girls soccer games, including Freshman, JV, and Varsity at Highlands soccer field. Facing Dixie High School, the Freshman Birds tied the game 2 to 2. The JV Lady Birds won against Dixie 1 to 0, making for a great game. The Varsity team won against Dixie with 1 to 0, as well, making for a great senior night for the Lady Birds.

This was a very exciting win for the Birds because, so far, Dixie has been undefeated before playing against our Lady Birds. The girls played hard, pulling through with two wins.

Freshman Yvie Gorrigan made a goal for the girls, close before the first halftime was over, racking another point for her team. Just when the Birds thought all would go wrong after another goal was made for Dixie, Freshman Alli Sower, scored a goal that would tie the game, into the net, making the crowd cheer.

Freshman Kate Jamie made the only goal for the JV, scoring them a win against Dixie, which was big for everyone involved. The JV played intensely against Dixie and in the end, it played off in their favor.

Senior Kenzie Nehus scored against Dixie in the first half, making for the first and only goal for the Lady Birds, and scoring them a win. 

Kenzie Nehus expressed, “It felt great to win not only against a tough team that is physical and hardworking but also since it was our senior night. I wasn’t sure if we would even get a season, let alone a senior night, so getting to play out there on our own field and win was an amazing feeling.” All the Lady Birds were very happy for their victory over the past Monday. Junior Hailey Barton said, “I was so excited that we were able to win against Dixie, especially since it was such an aggressive game.”

The next home Girls soccer game will be on September 28. The Ladybirds are playing Bishop Brossart and are excited and determined to win once again!