HHS Ozone: Always ready to be a Bluebird


A stadium filled to the brim with football fans, cheerleaders full of school spirit, parents jiggling cowbells round and round, a lively pep band that plays a piece any chance they get, and of course, an Ozone.

From the start to the end of every Highlands athletic season, the HHS Ozone has always been there to support and encourage their fellow schoolmates. Even with the circumstances, this year should be no different.

The Highlands student section of the 2020-2021 school year has already prepared themselves, planning ahead for the fall sports seasons. Like always, their main social media outlet will be Twitter, where they will keep all students updated on themes and other events.

Tonight, the Highlands football team takes on Simon Kenton at the David Cecil Memorial Stadium, with the student sections classic USA theme. Senior Ozone Leader McKenzie Weinrich is ready to make the best of this year and prepared to face any upcoming challenges.

“Our biggest goal is to show the athletes that we are seeing them and that we are recognizing their hard work,” Weinrich explained, “In order to do this, as of right now we are just staying very active on Twitter to encourage students to watch the games online.”

Furthermore, students are able to comment on twitter pictures of them watching the game in theme and they will be entered into a raffle. With this idea in mind, Weinrich wishes to keep everyone involved with future activities and events.
Although our annual athletic programs will be altered this year, promoting school spirit is always a must to stay positive and be a perfect cheerleader for every Bluebird!
To keep up with all the new information and updates for games, follow the Highlands ozone Twitter account:
Highlands Ozone 2020-21