Voices in the Hall – Reactions to the passing of Kobe Bryant

Junior Mac Russell

“I was heartbroken. Kobe Bryant was one of my favorite basketball players. The world is cruel.”



Sophomore Faith Broering

“It was really upsetting because it was someone I really looked up tom and a lot of people looked up to him. He had a lot of really good values, not in just terms of basketball, but also life. He was a really good role model.”



Senior Casey Dunn

“I was really shocked and extremely sad about it. I never could have guessed this would happen to him. He died way too young and it’s a really big tragedy.”





Teacher Kevin Listerman

“I was very surprised and shocked. He was more than just a basketball player. I think that’s what attracted so many people to him, especially after he has finished playing how much he did to embrace the mamba mentality. It applied to so many aspects of life and I think he did a lot to the community that he was involved in. I think those are the things that make him transcend basketball as a sport. There are very few people who are able to do that, and that’s what makes his passing so traumatic for so many people.”


Freshman Will Herald

“I thought he was just injured almost as if it was a joke. When I found out what happened I was about to cry.”





Senior Porter Hedenberg

“I didn’t believe it at first, and I was really sad. My dad told me that his daughter passed away with him as well and it ruined the mood for the day.”





Athletic Director Kevin Nieporte

“Initially, I wanted to make sure it was true. I didn’t really believe it. A student told me when I was at the play, and, like everyone else, I was in shock. He is young, 41 is young believe it or not, and he is a worldwide star. He is famous. Its sad because his daughter was there, I can’t imagine because there is nothing you can do.”