Spring Sports of the Week Recap

As the weekend nears and sporting events wrap up for the week, we see the Birds gaining in points and stance.

The boys’ and girls’ track team run in their next meet tomorrow at Campbell County beginning at 9:30 a.m.

As for boys’ baseball, they end the week with a seasonal record of 9 wins and 4 losses overall. In last night’s game, they took on the Camels at Campbell County and won 4-1. Still, as the Birds continue on in their season they face up next against Paintsville at 7:45 p.m. tonight and then tomorrow against Ballard High at 10 a.m. Both games will take place at Campbell County High School.

This past week for girls fast-pitch, they played two solid and closely-scored games. They lost their first game on Tuesday, 8-7 to Ursuline Academy and their second game 12-10, against Boone County last night. As of now, their record holds at one win and four losses but is continuing to improve. They will play their next game at McNicholas in Cincinnati this coming Tuesday.

In regards to tennis, this Wednesday, the boys traveled down to Campbell County to compete against the Camels, ending their matches with a 3-2 win. Then the Birds advanced to their next match that was held last night against Scott. They defeated Scott with a final score of 3-0. In addition, for the girls last night, they were able to come out strong and keep the lead till the end. They swept the Scott Eagles win a 4-0 win to improve their record to 6-3 for the season.