Boys basketball crushes NCC


Sophomore Luke Muller, watches as the ball makes it into the net.

With 1 second left in the game, the score was 70 to 61 Highlands. According to Junior, Jack Delagrange who played in two games back to back, “I was excited to be out there and helping the team out.”

“I wasn’t shocked that we beat NCC as I was more excited because of the fact that it has been 10 years since we beat NCC.” Delagrange stated. “I was confident because it was a big revelry game. Also, we have been looking good all season.”

Ben Sission said, “I think we all were pretty confident that we beat NCC because we know we are a talented team and we’ve worked hard and we trust each other. It was difficult, no game was easy. We knew the atmosphere would be great so we had to prepare ourselves mentally for that. We didn’t really practice differently but we all brought an extra edge to practice in the days leading up to the game. We didn’t necessarily use different skills but we knew they were going to play hard and play tough so we had to match their toughness and energy and we did that.”