Highlands Bowling Team sweeps NCC


Junior Jordan Cole up on the approach.

The Highlands girls bowling team got all seven points during the match, which lead a victory for Highlands against NCC at Walts Center lanes in Newport. Junior Jordan Cole scored a 296 during the first game, missing only one strike. He overall had the highest score for Highlands. Junior Annalee Barrett got a strike during the second game. The girls have some cheers to motivate the team and used them during the Baker games.

Junior Annalee Berrett bowls a strike.

Sophomore Abby Bach reflected on how the game went.  “I feel really good about yesterday, it really reassured me because I wasn’t bowling as well as I would like to lately. I think the girls will continue to do really good. The boys do have more competition, but I think they’ll still do really well.”

Girls huddling up before the Baker games start.