Girls’ Basketball dominate in Dayton


The team returns to the court after halftime to finish the game.

Nick Caldwell, Staff

Last night, December 5th, the Varsity Girls Basketball team dominated the Dayton Green Devils with a final score of 64 (Highlands) to 25 (Dayton).


When speaking to Coach Richey, she commented, “It was a great team win, and was great to get everybody out on the court to play.”


With all the players being out on the court at one point or another, everyone had their time to shine. Over the course of the game many of the players were able to make quite a few 3-point shots, some of the players that accomplished this were Piper Macke & Rory O’Hara. Along with those amazing shots the team did a stellar job keeping the Green Devils at bay and denying them many points throughout the game. If the team can keep this up they should be able to do great this season.