Girls’ basketball starts the season strong

As a team, it is important to recognize strengths and weaknesses. Highlands High School girls’ basketball teams are nothing less than great at noticing these things and striving to perfect them for the basketball season.


Senior Zoie Barth, varsity player, recognizes that while having a very strong bond, some more technical things need to be worked on.


“We are all really close on and off the court which seems to help us a lot. There is always room for improvement so we look to work hard every day and learn from our mistakes. I think our most recurring mistakes are turnovers, lower shooting percentages than usual, and missed layups, which will get better with experience as nerves will start to fade.”


Basketball season just started, which means new teams for some, and new beginnings for all. Some are playing with people they have played with for their whole Highlands career, but others are just starting out on the team.


Freshman Megan Gessner explains that despite being a small team, they still have power.


“We’ve all been playing together since 6th grade so we all know how each other work and we are all like sisters. We only have 7 players so on tough games it will be hard to maintain a lot of energy but everyone does get plenty of playing time.”


Sophomore Kaela Grubbs, junior varsity player, explains that most of the team’s strengths are being mentally committed to the game and being able to bond so well with each other.  


“Our biggest strength I feel is our mindset and loyalty to the game and each other. It’s our ability to communicate and get along through the mistakes. One of our weaknesses would have to be our ball handling at some points, but we practice on that 24/7 so it is greatly improving.”


The three girls’ basketball teams won their first games against St. Henry on November 29 and will continue on their road to the championship.