Highlands Bowling Beats Dayton


Junior Perry Daniels bowls a straight ball.

The Co-ed Bowling Bluebirds took on the Dayton Green Devils last night at La Rue Lanes. 


The team, who usually doesn’t go co-ed, was made up of about ten students from all grade levels. The coach pulled strong players from the boys and girls team.


Senior Erin Parrot has been on the team for 6 years. She stated, “It was fun, seeing how the guys reacted to the girls being with them. Being with them was refreshing and it’s good to know that if we had to go co-ed then we could make it work.”


The players, dressed in uniforms of blue and white, led a chant of “Birds on three, 1..2..3…, “ and played hard. 


Bowling coach Glenn Schmidt helped to lead the team in cheers that continued to lift team spirit. 


The final score was 6-1 Highlands. The Bowling Birds next game is December 4th against Scott County at Super Bowl Bellwood.