A Date to Win State

On Thursday night, the Highlands Varsity Boy’s Soccer team played against Hopkinsville in the semi-finals game, ending with a 2-1 victory for HHS.


The teams’ first goal was scored by Senior Luke Schweizer with an assist from sophomore Max Ferris, who dribbled the ball up from the left side.


Senior Drew Cavacini states, “We were pretty confident that we were going to win just looking at, like, Hopkinsvilles’ record and who they played throughout the regular season. We had some confidence behind us, but they actually came out and played a good game and they put up a good fight.”


The last point of the game was scored by senior Carter Holmes, breaking the tie and securing another win for the team. Holmes scored a goal from the center line, kicking the ball directly into the net.


Science teacher and coach Kevin Neiporte states, “…when the goalie steps out of the box, it’s called coming off his or her line, and I guess Coach Neidert and Carter together noticed that the goalie had stepped out right before the half started…They’ve been working on it; they’ve been practicing. Coach Neidert knew Carter had the ability to kick it that far and was kind of keeping that plan in his back pocket. “


The play by Holmes made it into ESPN’s Top 10 Plays. It ranked #10.


The boys’ team played Louisville St. Xavier on Saturday in Lexington following the girls game at 8 pm.