Weezer’s Teal Album: Review


California Alt-Rock band Weezer returns with a wonderful surprise filled with welcome covers of classic hits.

Even though it is still very early 2019 is a big year for Weezer. The rock group is up for a Grammy for their 2018 release Pacific Daydream. March 1st will see the release of their 13th studio album The Black Album and, just recently, their new cover album The Teal Album dropped with many surprises.

The album contains covered hits from several popular groups ranging from Toto, Tears for Fears, The Eurythmics, Black Sabbath along with many more groups.

The album opens up with their hit cover of Toto’s “Africa” and the torch is continued for an entire album of enjoyable covers. Each song is a blast to listen to, however, the band does not take many liberties in terms of innovating on the source material, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the listener’s preferences. However, with my listening experience, everything sounded great.

The production on this album is very clean and glitzy, but that does not detract from the overall product. The mix is well balanced and no instruments are lost.

Overall the product is a fantastic release that offers something for fans of Weezer in particular. The work should be commended considering the fact that this was a side project released to hold over fans until March 1st when The Black Album comes out.