Instant Family – Movie Review

Paramount Picture’s Instant Family is an instant hit. It is a great movie that will take you on an emotional roller coaster of happiness, sadness, empathy, and love.


With an outstanding cast of Mark Wahlburg (Pete), Rose Byrne (Ellie), Isabela Moner (Lizzy),

Gustavo Quiroz (Juan), and Julianna Gamiz (Lita), the actors portray the role of a family very well. The movie follows the plot of parents looking to foster a child, but end up fostering three children: a rebellious teen, a clumsy boy, and a rowdy little girl.


The movie follows Pete and Ellies’ struggles of fostering and parenthood, having to adjust to having kids and trying to keep them under control. The audience gets to see the parents go through a very hard time while making decisions that have huge stakes. The audience gets to see the kids mold to the idea of a stable home, while also having their hardships along the way.


While some people said that this movie was a poor portrayal of the foster care system, it does enlighten us a little bit. It is a movie meant to be joyful, so it doesn’t go into the dark details. The movie gets tough at times as the audience sees the family going through something very tough, but in the end, they work through it.


The movie also uses an excessive amount of cussing, using the fullest amount of profanity allowed in a PG-13 movie. This movie might not be for everyone, as it can be a little inappropriate at sometimes, but not the entire movie.

The movie has a well-constructed plot that should be seen by teenagers and adults alike. For tickets go to