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A New Taste: Unique Thanksgiving foods

A classic thanksgiving table spread.

The mouth-watering aroma of turkey and stuffing crowds the kitchen, football is playing on the living-room television, with the ball slicing through the air to wrap up the family Turkey Bowl—now it’s time to feast with family and friends.  

Thanksgiving is a time of communion among relatives and friends. Each family has its own traditions, but across the board, the main theme of Thanksgiving is the various home-cooked foods.

Some of the most common foods you can expect to see on the table are turkey, ham, stuffing, mac and cheese, bread rolls, and sweet potatoes. The list of dishes extends endlessly but some intriguing options have been left off most families’ tables. 

Sausage Stuffing

If stuffing isn’t enough or the same old stuffing every year is boring, sausage stuffing should be perfect. Make stuffing how you like it and throw some sausage in there and bam: now have “new” stuffing. 

Bacon-wrapped Green Beans

Everything’s better with bacon—that’s why green bean and bacon lovers will find themselves very pleased with this little appetizer. The recipe is simple and can be easily and swiftly cooked. Just sear bacon and cook green beans and that’s all there is to it. 

Tahini-Thyme Brussel Sprouts 

For the vegetarians, this should be a hit. These only take about 20 minutes to make and only require five ingredients but serve with flavor and richness with a satisfying crunch to go along with it.  

Baked Asparagus Fries 

There’s nothing better than fried food, grease, and dangerous amounts of cholesterol. If you’re an asparagus lover these will hit the spot. Full of the classic flavor of asparagus and an even better crunch than before, these will be a terrific starter, especially with your favorite dipping sauce. 

Pumpkin Cornbread Biscuits

A Thanksgiving table isn’t complete without something (other than pumpkin pie) pumpkin flavored and these corny biscuits will happily fulfill that checklist. Warm, soft, and pumpkin taste,  these are guaranteed to satisfy the guests. 

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