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A near encounter with 9/11: David Hosea shares his experience

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For most people, September 11 was one of the most terrifying days in history. That was especially true for David Hosea. Hosea was in Washington D.C. on this day in 2001. He was meeting Senator Jim Bunning at The Pentagon. 

David was waiting two blocks away minding his own business when all of a sudden, he heard the loudest boom he had ever heard throughout his life.  He looked to his right and saw the plane had crashed into the side of The Pentagon. He was terrified, he had no idea what to do. He thought it was the end of the world. Suddenly, Hosea saw a bunch of army helicopters coming from left and right. They darted for The Pentagon. He was so confused like everyone else there. 

David then saw a taxi cab. He waves down the taxi to get inside. The taxi finally comes over, and David gets in. He had $2,000 on him. 

David said to the taxi driver, “Take me to Charleston. Here is $2,000. I don’t care how you get me there just get me there.”

 They drove up and down sidewalks because the roads were closed. He tried to call Marcia, his wife, to tell her where he was going, but no technology was working. 

They had been driving for a while when they finally arrived at a truck stop. They went inside and noticed they had CNN on. He remembers seeing the Twin Towers come down. He couldn’t believe they came down the way they did! In the 80s, David had sold a business he was running to Shankar Shipping Company. Shankar had wanted him to run their New York office which was in the Twin Towers. If he had taken the job, he could have been killed.  

This possibility made the experience even more.

personal and upsetting to him.  Like David and many others, that day is burned into their minds. They will never forget that day. Each year on September 11 David remembers the people that were lost.  David’s lesson from that day is “You just realize you could be here one day and not the next.”

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