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The student news site of Highlands High School

The Hilltopper

The student news site of Highlands High School

The Hilltopper

#SJW2024: What I love about being a student journalist

“I feel very happy and proud of myself and my peers.”

As a student at Highlands High School, I believe that scholastic journalism is very essential not only for the students but also for the teachers and parents. As students, with so much on our plates. It can get frustrating when my parents are constantly relying on me to inform them what’s going on inside the school doors. I can’t blame them.

As a student, it feels pretty easy to know what’s going on inside school. I mean… I’m here every day. I believe that having articles for my parents to read that exactly answers their questions in depth in a way they can understand is perfect.

Although I’m here every day, I have a very busy schedule here as well and it can be easy for me to forget to put something in my planner or remember an important event. I, as a student journalist find reading these stories very interesting.

I also sometimes go on the Hilltopper website and read my published works. ” In journalism, my experience has been overall great, but like everything else in life, it can get overwhelming once in a while due to the very consistent workload.

Scholastic journalism helps with the communication between students, teachers, and parents but also fosters a sense of community within the school. By providing detailed articles that address the concerns and interests of parents, scholastic journalism helps parents stay informed about school events and developments without constantly relying on their children for updates. This also strengthens the bond between parents and the school community.

As a student journalist, the opportunity to contribute to the school newspaper or website not only enhances my writing and reporting skills but also gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. Seeing my published works on the Hilltopper website is incredibly fulfilling, serving as a reminder of the impact of one’s efforts and the importance of amplifying student voices. Despite the occasional challenges and workload associated with journalism, the passion for storytelling and the desire to shed light on issues that matter continue to drive students forward, inspiring me to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence in what I love to do.

Overall, what keeps me going and inspires me is the fact that I can do what I love, and write about the things that matter in the world.

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