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Let me take you to a better place: Trolls Band Together review

Trolls Band Together Movie Poster

Trolls Band Together is an unexpected masterpiece. 

In the movie, Poppy discovers that Branch is part of a boyband known as “BroZone,” and he learns that one of his brothers, Floyd, had been kidnapped by pop stars Velvet and Veneer. To save him, BroZone must reunite and create the perfect family harmony.

This movie is by far my favorite out of the three Trolls movies. Even though Rotten Tomatoes rated it a 60%, for a younger audience, this movie did amazing.

This movie has amazing original music and covers of songs such as Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.” Every song in the movie is a high-quality masterpiece. One of my favorite original songs from the movie was “Watch Me Work,” which was the song that helped introduce the antagonists Velvet and Veneer.

The characters Velvet and Veneer can only be described as addictive, literally. In the movie, they use the “talent” from BroZone in order to perform. This helps boost their vocal ability, their dancing, and all sorts of performance talents.

During the movie, we discover that Poppy has a secret sister who was separated from her in the first movie when the trolls escaped the troll tree. This is the first time she has been mentioned in the series.

We discover that Viva, Poppy’s sister, has created a safe haven for trolls in what was an old Burgin amusement park. When Viva first finds Poppy, she refuses to let her leave, in fear of the outside world.

The secondary sister plotline is interesting because it was super unexpected, and confused many fans. It simply didn’t feel necessary.

Though this was my one fault with the movie, it had a lot of other amazing features.

I think the diversity of animation in this movie is amazing. During a scene, we see Poppy, Branch, and his brothers travel to what is called “The Hustle Zone,” where the animation style changes to simulate this hallucination in which everything speeds up, or “hustles.”

Overall, Trolls Band Together is an exciting movie. Though it’s geared towards a younger audience, it can be enjoyed by all audiences, have an open mind.

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