OPINION BRIEF: Congress needs to get their priorities in check


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A group of children sitting outside happily.

On March 27th, an unfortunate tragedy struck Nashville, Tennessee at The Covenant School. A 28-year-old fatally shot and killed 6 people. 3 faculty and 3 students lost their lives while attending what is expected to be a safe environment. In America, over the last few months, the United States Congress has been tackling “issues” such as gender affirming care for transgender Americans and focused on women’s reproductive rights. The major argument seen within congress, is that exposure to things such as drag shows is “dangerous” to the youth. According to the New York Times, in 2021 alone, there were over 3,000 children killed relating to gun violence. Instead of looking at actual data, Congress has had intense bias. Rather than having fear over their children’s safety, they fear that their child will turn “sinful” and look at their same gender with feelings that are uncontrollable. This country has simply failed in the mission of keeping the youth safe. A child should not fear going to school, that’s how you know our country’s priorities are not correct.