Traveling Dangers: Do Not Go to Yemen

Yemen is a beautiful country in the middle east, offering tourists a selection of natural wonders and historical landmarks. The vast amount of attractions available to tourists is quite spectacular, to say the least. 

However, despite the grand amount of tourist attractions such as flawless beaches, the country is rated the number 2 most dangerous in the world by worldpopulationreview.

Yemen has millions of inhabitants and no one knows a thing about occurrences in Yemen. That is just the issue with the country. Things can happen to people there without anyone figuring it out. This means that something could happen to a tourist without someone figuring out about it. 

For example, a tourist from the United States was kidnapped during their pleasant travels to Yemen. The United States cannot help here because it is Yemen, which is a third world country.

According to Investopedia, a third world country is a country characterized by its low socioeconomic status. Yemen is a prime example of this. A country does not want to show its poor features, but rather be known for its beauty. 

This especially can be exemplified in Yemen. In Yemen there are a variety of beautiful islands, such as Socotra Island. It is truly amazing how one can go on month-long tours and see various natural wonders. Especially on traveling websites, one can go hours looking at historical monuments in the middle-eastern country. 

The aforementioned issue arises when something goes wrong. In Yemen, the people are generally not white, so many Westerners will stand out to people who potentially pose a threat to tourists. 

This can result in scams, mugging, robbery, or perhaps even murder in the worst case. And remembering that Yemen is a third-world country, the government of residence cannot help in this case.

Yemen seems like a safe tourist destination, but can result deadly