OPINION: All of Those Voices Documentary


‘All Of Those Voices’ movie poster.

Former One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson, has spent his years since the boyband’s breakup making music for himself. He has come out with 2 albums and multiple singles in his solo career.

Tomlinson has spent his solo experience documenting what has been going on with his mental health, family life, and making music. He has had a lot of ups and downs with all things going on in his life.

During his solo project; he has lost his mother, his sister, and spent more time with his son, Freddie–who was born during the ending years of One Direction. 

Tomlinson came out with a documentary to show his experience throughout his music career.

In his new documentary, “All of Those Voices,” he explains his experiences and thoughts on being a solo artist. He goes through the challenge making his first album and going through his first world tour.

Tomlinson spent 4 years making his first solo album,‘Walls’ before traveling to perform for his fans. During his time on tour, COVID shut everything down, causing the tour to be delayed.. While he had that time to break, he started his second album. Two years after the unfortunate event that was COVID-19, Tomlinson finally went on tour.

While touring he started to find himself, which made it easier to keep fans happy–as well as himself. 

Tomlinson recently came out with his second album, ‘Faith in the Future.’ The first time fans received a hint  at the new album was when Tomlinson performed his song, “Bigger Than Me” at his last show on the tour. 

AOTV is a perfect example of Tomlinson’s life with the band in and outside of the band. His documentary made fans cry in the movie theaters together. 

During my time, I cried over 5 times and walked out feeling like I knew more than I should have. Tomlinson gave fans a deep dive into his life that we don’t often see.