A depressing feel-good story: Devotion (Minor Spoiler Warning)


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Jesse Brown standing in front of an f4u Corsair.

The story of racism in America is found in many places, whether you’re looking or not. The stories of the U.S. Navy and its pilots during and directly after WW2 are nothing short of inspiring, but many of them tell stories of racism.

Movies such as ‘Midway’ highlight the heroics of the brave aviators during WW2, while ‘Devotion’ highlights the struggles of black aviators in the U.S. Navy.

 ‘Devotion’ takes place in the 1950s, during the early stages of the Cold War, it follows Jesse   Brown (commonly referred to as Ensign Brown), a black pilot.

The story follows Brown and his co-pilot Tom Hudner as they enter the fight in the Korean War. The story can be somewhat flat at the beginning, but as the movie progresses, the writers do a good job of developing both characters.

The main attraction of this film is the action scenes and the drama between U.S. sailors. The contrast between the character’s personalities in the beginning and end is a testament to the writing.

Unfortunately, the soundtrack can be somewhat out of place at times but fits almost perfectly during the action scenes. The sound design however is amazing. The action scenes feel intense, as the roar of an engine rattles your jaw and gunshots sound like they’re wooshing by your ear.

The visuals for the fight scenes are nothing we haven’t seen in movies like ‘Midway’ but the cinematography is top notch in my opinion. 

Along with the cinematography, the costume and prop design is top-notch. The costumes fit the characters and period very well.

The movie scored an 80% on the Rotten Tomatoes critic score and a 66% on Metacritic. However, the movie scored a 92% on the Rotten Tomatoes audience score

In this movie, there are scenes during the climax that fill you with emotion but scenes in the ending that make you bored. Now that I have to give this movie a score, I’m conflicted, 50% of this movie is incredible, the other 50% feels like a highschool film project.

This is a good movie, but it has too many flaws to just ignore. If you go in expecting an amazing movie, you will be disappointed, but if you’re just looking for something to watch, this movie is for you.