The slap heard across the nation: Will Smith versus Chris Rock


(Courtesy of the New York Post)

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

On Sunday, March 27, actor Will Smith walked onto the stage during the Oscars and slapped Chris Rock on live T.V. over a joke he made directed at his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, missing hair due to her alopecia. 

Alopecia is a disease that targets the hair, leading to hair loss. 

Looking at this from Smith’s perspective, his family has had its fair share of drama. Pinkett-Smith admitted to infidelity with singer/rapper August Alsina; however, the couple stayed together. 

Smith originally laughed at the joke Rock made, but his wife didn’t look like she found it so amusing. 

Smith probably noticed this and knew that he had to “stick up” for his wife. 

His ingenious plan was to slap Rock across the face on live T.V. and then proceeded by shouting at him, “Keep my wife’s name out your [expletive] mouth!”

Originally I was on Smith’s side, but after thinking it over and putting myself in Rock’s shoes, I switched sides. 

I think we’ve all been there before, where we try to make a funny joke about someone and they don’t find it as funny as you thought it was.

I don’t think he meant any ill-will either. Rock has done plenty in support of African American women’s hair. 

In 2009, he was the host of a documentary called “Good Hair,” where he traveled to different hair salons, barbers, and scientific laboratories to learn about African American hairstyles and how their hair impacts their livelihoods. 

The documentary’s goal was for African Americans to not feel ashamed of the way their hair is. 

So, I don’t believe that Rock really meant any harm.

He’s just a comedian trying to make a joke that went too far. 

Smith didn’t need to walk up on stage and slap him on live television. He could have waited until after the show was finished to talk about it like a grown man.

I don’t believe Smith was genuinely upset by the joke either, he originally laughed at it. 

My guess is Smith felt like he needed to regain his masculinity after his wife publicly humiliated him on T.V. and slapping Rock was an excuse to prove he is still a man. 

If that was his strategy, I don’t think it worked and just reflected his insecurities. 

I think Rock took it too far with the joke, but there was no reason for Will to slap him and cuss on T.V. with millions of people watching.