Burning red: Red (Taylor’s version)

Taylor Swifts new album entitled Red (Taylors version).

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Taylor Swift’s new album entitled ‘Red’ (Taylor’s version).

     Popular artist and musician, Taylor Swift, is taking a spin on her old albums. The re-recording of her second album called ‘Fearless’ was released in April. Coming, November 12, 2021, is ‘Red.’ (Taylor’s Version).

     Re-recordings are happening due to Swift’s old record executive, Scooter Braun, making money off the old albums. Scooter owns the albums that are entitled, ‘Taylor Swift,’ ‘Fearless,’ ‘Speak Now,’ ‘Red,’ ‘1989,’ and ‘Reputation.’

     These were all big, successful albums for Swift. To keep her music streaming without Braun making money, she is recording them once more under her new management. 

     ‘Red’ (Taylor’s Version) will hold 30 songs, featuring a ten-minute-long version of her song ‘All Too Well’, ‘Better Man’ originally recorded by Little Big Town, and ‘Nothing New’ featuring Phoebe Bridgers.

      All of the newly made songs will have a hint of difference from the original version. A new spin on ‘Red’ brings great excitement to Swift’s fans.

     According to Sophomore Rowan Cavanaugh, he is very excited about Taylor’s new album.

     “I am most excited for the 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ and ‘Holy Ground.’”

    ‘All Too Well’ was an original song on ‘Red.’ It is one of the most listened to songs on the album behind ‘22’ and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’

     The ten-minute version is one of the most exciting things for fans to get ready for.

     Swifties believe that ‘Fearless’ (Taylor’s Version) and ‘Red’ (Taylor’s Version) will be very different from each other. 

     According to Sophomore Lucas Tinkler, ‘Red’ (Taylor’s Version) will be more improved than ‘Fearless’.

     “I think that it’s going to be improved because it’s going to better fit today’s culture.”

    There are a lot of favorite songs that students here at Highlands HighSchool can’t wait to hear.

    Senior Ashley Kelly is mainly excited for ‘‘22’ because that is her graduating year.

    “[I’m most excited for] ‘Holy Ground’ or ‘‘22’ because this is my senior year and I am in the class of 22 so it is basically meant for me.”

     Many people are so excited about different songs, making it seem as though no two people are excited about the same things. 

     In a poll where students answer what they are most excited for song-wise, the top five winners were ‘All Too Well’ (10 minute Version), ‘22,’ ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together,’ ‘All Too Well,’ and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’

     ‘All Too Well’ (10 Minute Version) won the majority with 17 votes out of the 86 that were taken.

     As Swift has aged since her previous album, many Swifties are excited and ready to hear her mature voice on the young album ‘Red.’