NEWS BREIFS: Mrs. Behrensmeyer’s Flextime Opportunities


Courtesy of Google Images

Examples of crafting supplies.

Doing selfless acts for others is a great way to give back to the community. At Highlands, math teacher, Stacey Behrensmeyer, takes the school’s given flextime as an opportunity for students to come in and do different activities and projects. These will eventually be given to anyone ranging from senior citizens to kids in Children’s Hospital. The students have completed activities such as painting, making rope from plastic bags (to recycle), and even making lanyards. Most recently the group painted wooden circles with spring designs, added decorations such as bows, and hung them up on the doors for the elderly in a retirement home while they were at lunch. You can sign up for any of Mrs. Behrensmeyer’s flextimes and hopefully, there will be an activity for you to participate in.