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“Easter” Dresses Being Worn for Prom

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Visual of the “new” style of prom dresses.

As prom season approaches, high school students are not only dealing with the stress of who to ask and how to arrive in style, but now a new debate has arrived; should “Easter” or “brunch” dresses be worn to prom? This new debate has sparked many social media platform conversations.

The traditional prom dress for many includes a more glamorous and flashy look. However, with evolving fashion trends, some students are challenging prom norms by suggesting the idea of Easter and brunch dresses being worn to prom. 

The “Easter” prom dress usually consists of floral patterns and pastel colors. These dresses emphasize comfort and versatility with the use of playful designs and lightweight fabrics. 

Additionally, people argue that these dresses can be just as stylish as the “traditional” prom dress. The dresses also call for more individuality and self expression. Students may feel more comfort in being able to wear these dresses.

Senior Rudi Wilson said: “These kinds of dresses are really beautiful and show personality,” 

On the other hand, opponents of this argument counter that the traditional prom dress should stay in style. Prom is a formal event that is steeped in tradition. They also argue that wearing these informal styles of dresses can blur the lines between occasions. 

Junior Lianne Guttadauro said: “We should not change the tradition of wearing formal and long dresses because it has been that way for a long time.”

The prom dress debate surrounding the inclusion of “Easter” style prom dresses reflects conversations about tradition, self-expression, and inclusivity.

 Whether you decide to opt for the traditional glamorous dress or go with the new Easter trend, everyone can agree the most important part is that you feel confident in your attire!

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