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Preparing for Success: ACT Prep

ACT logo – picture provided by Northern Kentucky University

With the ACT coming up, students must think about how they will prepare and what score they are working to attain. This time can be stressful and challenging for many students, but here are some things that can help you prepare. 

The ACT is/ was fundamental to getting into college—most schools use ACT scores to determine your reading level, analysis skills, and English skills. The test has four portions. you will take a Math, Reading, Science, English, and an optional writing test. Between each test, you get a break of ten minutes to relax and prepare for the next test. You get thirty-five minutes for reading and science, forty-five minutes for English, and sixty minutes for math, and the writing portion is optional; the total time it takes is two hours and fifty-five minutes.  

The range for ACT scores ranks 36. Ivy League schools look for scores around 33-35. An average ACT score is 17-22. ACTs were one of the most critical factors in college, but nowadays, some colleges do not require them. Even though getting a good ACT score can increase your chances of getting into a college. Since testing immensely impacts students’ education, here are some things that can help you prepare.

During the week of testing, make sure to get enough sleep. It is scientifically proven that getting more sleep helps stress, anxiety, our immune system, breathing, and blood pressure. You should be getting around eight hours of sleep. Sleeping is crucial to your learning; it gives you more energy and helps you remember information. 

Not getting enough sleep can put you at a higher risk of health problems and have a negative impact on your grades and learning. 

Not only does sleep impact your test scores, but setting aside time to study and review as much information as possible can help your scores and increase your confidence. When studying, it is crucial to start in advance. Many students may put it off until the last second and cram all of the information in as quickly as possible, but it does not help in the long run.

Another crucial step to preparing is eating well. Students who have a balanced diet are known to have higher test scores. Furthermore, not only does eating well help your test scores, it also helps your attendance, overall health, and better behavior in school. 

Counselor Ann Listerman at Highlands High School said: “Sleep affects your whole being and how you function on a whole different level. If you don’t properly take care of your body, your body does not give its hundred percent. With food, food is your fuel. Fueling your brain so you can do well while taking it.” As you can tell, it is a known fact that taking care of yourself can improve not only your mental and physical health but also your test scores. 

If you are taking the upcoming ACT, don’t let the stress get to you. Remember, all you can do is try your best; your best is enough.

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