NEWS BRIEF: Adam Caswell: The Newest Addition to the Girl’s Tennis Team


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New Girls Tennis coach, Adam Caswell.

Highlands Athletics has invested in a new coach for the Girl’s Tennis Team. Adam Caswell has lived in Fort Thomas for over 10 years. In an interview with, Caswell talked about his wife, Rachel Caswell, who is the School Counselor at Woodfill Elementary. Along with his two daughters, ages 11 and 9, that attend schools in the district. Caswell’s 3-year-old son will join his sisters in a couple of years. 

“Tennis has been a passion of mine for the last ~30 years. My first job as a middle schooler was teaching at a tennis clinic in my hometown in Central Kentucky. Much of the lessons I learned on the tennis court in middle and high school helped me become the person I am today. My goal is for your kids to have the same great experience.” Caswell explained.

It is super exciting for the girls’ tennis team to get a new coach this year with that much experience. We cannot wait to see what they are able to achieve this year, with their talent and new coaching, the sky’s the limit.