NEWS BRIEFS: Suspect in School Shooting Identified as Deceased


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A picture in front of East Denver High school

In East Denver High School there was a student who had illegibly been bearing arms on the school campus. The school decided to start patting him down every morning as a safety precaution for the staff, faculty, and other students. On Wednesday morning, as he was being patted down, the suspect, Austin Lyle age 17,  pulled out a gun and shot  2 administrators that had been doing the inspection. He fled the school after the attack and after searching for hours, the police found Lyle’s body, close to his parked Red Volvo in the woods. He ended up killing himself on the run from the police. CNN stated 

“The school will be out of session for the rest of the week following the shooting,” Superintendent Alex Marrero said during a news conference. 

“When students return and for the remainder of the school year, two armed officers would be present on campus,” he said.

The injured faculty members Lyle shot have both been hospitalized. A dean of culture Eric Sinclair remains in serious condition after undergoing surgery, with the coordinator in restorative practice Jerald Mason was discharged in stable condition.