NEWS BRIEFS: DartWars 2023 Update


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A Nerf Blaster Maverik Rev-6

The first week of DartWars 2023 is officially over, this means 13 teams with collective juniors and seniors from Highlands High School are out of the tournament.

It was a very stressful week for the competitors as they had to hunt or be hunted, be shot or strip, etc.

There are a ton of different strategies that are used when it comes to the game, such as stalking where people live, what car they drive, where they work, and where they go, such as the gym, or favorite restaurants, etc.

This has been a very popular tradition throughout the years.

But unfortunately, Team NPC, The Backyardigans, Dart Party, Chicken Harmony, Strip and Dip, Dart Kittys, LGBTQ-uties, Troglodarts, League of Shadows, Santa’s Little Helpers, Onlydarts, Call her Darty, and Fway have all lost this first round and hopefully, if the losing teams are juniors, will get a better chance at winning next year!