LMGO: Second candidate reveal

We are following up on one of our recent news briefs about the first candidate of the 2023 LMGO. The founders of the golf outing have found a second perfect participant for the expedition. His name is Jack Pitzer. His family lives in Fort Thomas and he is seven years old as well as a first grader at Johnson elementary school. Doctors discovered a mass in the cerebral part of his brain, the tumor could not completely be removed safely, however a portion of the mass was extracted. He was officially diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma. The oncology team at Cincinnati Children’s hospital for a treatment plan for Jack. The crowd for the LMGO is expected to be even bigger than last year and the founders hope to bring in a lot of support for the patients. You can support these two survivors at the Luke Muller Golf Outing this year on September 30th, 2023.