What’s on Highlands Christmas List: Students results in survey


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A POV (point of view) writing a Christmas list.

Waking up on Christmas morning when you’re seven is different from when you’re in high school, it’s not the same when you don’t believe in Santa. The magic of Christmas is gone. It’s less exciting to see the elf “move” or see what Santa “brought”. It’s depressing to realize you’ll never get that feeling back. The nostalgia of waking you’re parents up so early just to see what you got, but one thing has remained the same, keeping our Christmas’ alive, the giving and receiving of gifts. 

As people mature, what they ask for on their Christmas List matures too. Christmas Lists show a lot about someone and a deeper dive into their personality. Although, teenagers tend to as for a lot of gifts. 

  • Shoes
  • Clothes 
  • Technology
  • Self Care 
  • Make-Up 
  • Gym Supplies 
  • Skin Care 
  • Coats 
  • Jewelry 
  • School Supplies 
  • Pets 
  • Cars 
  • Art Supplies 
  • Etc 

But a recent survey, which had 88 submissions from Highlands High School Students shows that all of the above were selected with a few interesting outliers such as a pet chimpanzee, Kings Island Gold Passes, Morgan Wallen tickets, Legos, Horse Care Supplies, games, apple music or spotify premium subscriptions, Taylor Swift tickets, basketball equipment, books, baseball equipment, albums, trips, furniture, PS5, and saxophones