On Tour: The Weeknd x Doja Cat


Sara Price

The cover of the new tour by the Weeknd and Doja Cat

The lights are dim and everyone is screaming, the prior band had just walked off and cleared their set. The names are announced. The lights slowly rise and colors stream everywhere. The audience is waiting, holding hands with their best friends. The Weekend and Doja Cat dance onto the stage. It’s phenomenal. 

Many fans have been commenting, retweeting, and liking these announcement posts since March 3. This is such a big deal for die-hard Weeknd followers because he has not been on tour since December 14, 2017. Fans such as @StaceyAguilarrr and many more have commented on the Weeknd’s concert. 

@StaceyAguilarrr said, “Priority privilege for all of us who had our tickets refunded after 2+ years of waiting, right!?!?!” 

This can be seen with a ton of sad and happy emojis. 

The main reason why he could not go on tour the last few years has been because of COVID-19 protocols; there were just too many people in a small place. Also, due to because lack of work because of COVID-19, they would have as many people there to support and watch him. Another reason why fans were thrilled about the release was because of the star of the show, Doja Cat. 

Doja started as a very small creator and recently became a huge star with many fans, she has released many different songs and playlists that have hit the #1 spot on the charts multiple times. She is also loved for her personality and the fact that getting fans and money hasn’t changed her at all. She is such a social butterfly and loves to interact and open up to her fans and followers. The fans are really able to feel a personal connection.

The concert will be held worldwide in certain locations and they will even be performing in Chicago, Illinois, which is only 8 hours away via car. This could be a super fun time for you and your friends for a weekend getaway. 

To purchase tickets: https://www.theweeknd.com/tour