FCCLA donates Halloween costume earnings to the “Care Closet” organization


(Courtesy of Emily Haffey)

Spanish teachers Emily Haffey, Rachel Burnett, and Dan Skidmore dressed up as Netflix Series “Money Heist” main characters.

     This week the anticipation is getting the best of the students and staff, coming to the ninth inning stretch of Halloween candy, costumes, and parties are all that come to mind. The students and teachers are looking forward to this weekend but some of the Bluebirds have some additional ideas on how to share the holiday spirit.

     Select members of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) have chosen to put together a contest that benefits the organization the “Care Closet”. This contest will take place tomorrow, Friday, October 29. 

     This is also a perfect opportunity for students and teachers to dress up in their best Halloween attire and possibly win a prize. In order for students to show off their costumes at school, they must bring in two dollars and give them to their first-period teacher. Teachers must bring in five dollars and put it in their first-period Halloween envelope. It is non-negotiable that all costumes must be within the dress code, however, hats are temporarily permitted. 

     Last year’s winners, Spanish teachers Emily Haffey, Rachel Burnett, and Dan Skidmore, won with a landslide with one of the best interpretations of the popular Spanish show “Money Heist” ever seen. They received a trophy and endless bragging rights.

     FCCLA encourages you to wear your scariest, funniest, or coolest costume to school tomorrow.