Class of 2022 officers elected

     On November 4, the class officers of 2022 were elected. The President is junior Kylie Toole, the Vice President is junior Macy Hedenberg, the Treasurer is junior Savannah King, the Secretary is junior Kenzie Poynter, and the Class Representatives are juniors Avery Cavacini and Josie Steppe. 

     The officers began campaigning two to three weeks before the election. Since posters weren’t allowed this year, speaking to peers was a large portion of the campaign process. 

     “I campaigned [for] around three weeks and it was basically word of mouth because we weren’t allowed to do posters,” Hedenberg expressed. “I wish COVID-19 wasn’t a thing because it would make things a lot easier.”

     Despite the change in campaigning this year, these elected officials are ecstatic to work together and do what they can in the midst of COVID-19. 

     “This school year definitely looks different than most but I am optimistic and I have been glad to see the ways we have been able to work together despite COVID-19 and keep everyone safe,” said Toole. 

    German teacher and Junior Class Sponsor Kristin Wilson described each of the officers’ positions and how they work together, saying, “Each of the elective roles are similar in that they all must work well with one another and have strong communication skills. The president is the driving force of the group and assists in finalizing decisions. The vice-president, in essence, does the same role, and is second to the president. The treasurer maintains the budget to be sure we do not spend more money than we have. The secretary keeps everyone organized by sending communication and taking notes at meetings. The class representatives are the voice of the class, and help make decisions the rest of the class would support.”

     This year, the class of 2022 officers will be in charge of planning prom and working with the class of 2021 officers to plan the Powderpuff game.