Highlands vs Newport District Finals

Last night, the Varsity Birds took on the Newport Wildcats in the basketball Championship game at 7:00 at Newport Central Catholic.

In the first two quarters of the game, the boys were able to keep with Newport and at some points were even beating them. But, with the Wildcat’s height advantage over the Birds, the boys weren’t able to get every rebound. “Rebounds in this game were key as every point was needed,” according to Senior Austin King.

After halftime and in the third quarter, it was back and forth… anyone’s game. In the last 8 minutes of the fourth period, Newport held the ball unable to give the Birds a chance at a shot. With both teams in the bonus round, the only way for the Birds to get the ball back was to give the Wildcats a shot at two more points at the free throw line.

Though the boys ended up losing 61-64 to Newport, they still continue on to Regions as the 36th District Runner up.

As two teams continue on to the Regional tournament from District 36 (Newport Central Catholic, Bellevue, Dayton, Newport, and Highlands), the Birds’ fate was determined earlier in the season after their loss to Newport back in December, 66-64.

The Regional tournament games will be determined after their coaches do a blind draw this Saturday morning. After this, games begin this Monday or Tuesday at Northern Kentucky University’s (NKU) arena.