Happy Fall Y’all


Emme Orme

Jade Sandmann gets ready for fall break with the leaves.

The leaves start to change from green to orange and brown. Pumpkins are being grown in fields and fall decorations are being put up. Fall is upon us which means fall break is just around the corner. 

Fall break is a great time for people to travel with their families and take some time off from their school work. Some people go to fun exotic places with their families.

“I’m going to Norway on a week-long skiing trip with my dad and my uncle this year,” said junior Carter Frimming.

Although, some students have decided to stay home this year for the break. 

Freshman Landry Riesenbeck said, “I’m not going anywhere for fall break this year.”

This year fall break is a little bit longer. Fall break starts this week on Thursday ( Oct. 6) and students don’t return to school till next Tuesday (Oct. 11). 

Whatever students do for fall break, take some time off of school and have fun with your family and friends!