Slowly entering the Nest: Freshman fears


Abigail Hudson

Freshmen students work hard in Algebra teacher Ryan Mahoney’s class.

Walking across the pedway may not seem like a big thing, but for the incoming freshman, it feels life-changing.

 From the stench of the second floor to the free seating in the cafeteria, and without forgetting, the fun times with floods.

Here at Highlands, students try to make any and everyone feel welcome and accepted. Freshmen may still feel accustomed to some things done differently in middle school from high school.

  As upperclassmen, we need to try to be accepting and understanding of the freshman. We need to be aware that they have entered into a new atmosphere and need time to adjust. It can be both exciting and scary to go to a new place. 

“There are a lot more people, and it’s scary walking through the halls, and my biggest fear is not finding one of my classes or running into an upperclassman.” Said Saydie Walsh.

Just the fact that at the high school we have a lot more older people makes walking through the halls that much more intimidating for the younger incoming freshman. 

New teachers, new environment, new people. As a community, we should all try our best to come together to make them feel welcome. Most people had some sort of fear or intimidation during their freshman year. Everyone probably would have wished that the upperclassmen would be more understanding and less judgemental. 

Unfortunately, it is a typical thing for the upperclassman to make freshmen try to feel less than they are.” New year, new” right? Let’s change as a school to be more welcoming and less judgmental towards the freshman this year.

The incoming freshmen are going through so many changes, especially this year. The school’s new policies and rules, in addition to being in a new school with different teachers, makes it that much harder for freshmen.  

So, why not help out the new freshmen this year?