Walking on Sunshine: A look into where HHS students will go for Spring Break


Hadley Leftin

Besides staying at Fort Thomas, the following places are where students will be traveling.

Many students will be enjoying the warm, sunny weather outside of Kentucky over spring break, while others will be cuddled in their beds and staying in town. 

The Hilltopper conducted a survey, asking the students what they will be doing for the break. 

In the survey, 27 students said they were going to Siesta Key, Florida, however, 17 put that they will be staying home. A total of 51 students on the survey are traveling to beaches. 

Many students say that they will be going to the beach, and some will stay home. 

Other students will be traveling from Fort Thomas to other countries for the break.

Senior Brynn Shannon will be flying all the way to London for the week. Shannon states that she is a bit of a “history nerd”, wanting to see all of the historical figures in London.  

“I will take tours, visit the Tower of London, see Big Ben and Stonehenge.” 

Senior Mickey Bohan will also be traveling out of the country to Spain over the break for his mom’s 50th birthday. 

“I am looking forward to being a tourist, seeing the buildings, and eating the food.” 

While these students will be enjoying their time away from Kentucky, other students are staying in town. 

Freshman Kate Fausz, instead, is staying on Fort Thomas “beach.” 

“I may try to make some new foods, go on walks with my dogs, practice soccer by myself, or watch television over the break.” 

There are many places to go around town as well, such as Fort Thomas Coffee, Dairy Bar, Tower Park, The Fort, and Fort Thomas Pizza.  

“We have 9 games over the break. Other than softball, I plan on spending time at home, relaxing and prepping for games, and also hanging out with friends that aren’t going out of town,” said Senior Hailey Parks.  

According to Parks, the softball team is planning on bonding during their games. 

“I believe we will go down to Louisville or Lexington, so we can also hang out in our hotel rooms.” 

Whether or not you are going anywhere, the long break will be a great way to relax and not stress about schoolwork.