Photo Gallery and Review: “Things are looking up” for “Crazy For You” actors

On Thursday, March 24 through Sunday, March 27, Highlands High School is performing the romantic comedy musical, Crazy for You. At the beginning of the musical, HHS Theater Director Jason Burgess introduces the show. 

The beginning of the musical is set in the 1930s in New York City, starting off with the main character, Bobby Child (Sophomore Jameson Zoller), a stage-struck banker, who spends his free time sneaking into Ziegler Theater, despite his overbearing mother’s, Lottie (Junior Phia Veshapidze) wishes. Bobby’s showbiz career is heading nowhere and his fiance, Irene Roth (Senior Ashley Kelly), is pushing him to put a ring on her finger. He hops at the chance to get away and visit a customer who has asked for a mortgage. Bobby arrives in hot Deadrock, Nevada, soon falling for Polly Baker (Sophomore Samantha Heilman), who just happens to own the Gaiety Theater, which he has been sent to take. In order to save the theater, Bobby sends for the Follies Girls (Junior Olivia Kohler, Freshman Eva Sarakatsannis, Sophomore Campbell Smith, Junior Ruby Smith, and Senior Rebecca Wright), who come all the way from New York City to help. 

My favorite character in the play was Polly, as her sassy and snarky remarks were a great part of the musical and kept the play lighthearted as more serious moments. She never let a man control her or her life, despite her father’s wishes for her to be married. 

The costumes of the Follies Girls were impeccable, fitting the 1930s perfectly, and their personalities, as well. 

Along with this, the music was beautiful. It fit the scenes wonderfully and was an important part in setting the mood for the musical.