Voices in the halls: Are you on Pete Davidson or Kanye West’s side?

Recently there has been a little bit of unsettled “beef” between Kanye West, an international music artist, and Pete Davidson, actor and comedian on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Recently, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a divorce which ended with the two splitting up. In the process, Kim moved on rather quickly and found someone new, Pete Davidson. He and Kim have seemed to get on really well together and Kanye is NOT happy.

Sophomore Carter Brune “I’m definitely on Pete’s side.”

Junior Caleb Lindsey: “I can definitely say Kanye is making Pete look very silly right now.”

HHS Special Education Teacher Shelly Hoffstedder: “Kanye was good when Gold Digger was out and then he went crazy. I like Pete better.”

Junior Colton Gordon: “I like Pete Davidson.” 

Sophomore Chris Buecker: “Pete Davidson slays.”

Sophomore Audrey Thomas: “Kanye’s just stupid.”

Senior Madeline Adams: “Honestly, I’m just worried for North. I think I’m just gonna watch it play out but honestly, I think it’s fake like a publicity stunt.”