Girls wrestling Ladybirds complete season at state


Owen Yelton

Sophomore Emily Heilman grasps her opponent.

On February 21 the Highlands High School girls wrestling team had matches against 64 different schools for state at Harrison County Middle School. 

The first wrestler to go up was Freshman Abigail Hudson, who had 6 total matches, winning 4, losing 2 matches. Overall, Hudson placed fifth scoring a total of 126 points, making it to the semifinals against a nationally ranked girl.

“I was happy that I made it to state but I knew I could have still done better than I did,” said Freshman Abigail Hudson.

After Hudson finished her matches, it was Senior Mckenna Oaks’ turn to wrestle. Oaks placed 5th overall, she had a total of 6 matches winning 4, losing 2, and having a total of 132 points.  Oaks made it to the semi-finals with a score of 3-4 in her scoring matches.

Once Oaks finished her matches, it was Junior Angelica Jackson’s turn up to the mat. Jackson had a total of 120 points, scoring 8th place overall. Jackson had three matches, winning the second match with an aggressive pin.

After Jackson wrestled, Sophomore Emily Heilman stepped onto the mat ready to wrestle. Heilman ended her matches with a total of 107 points, and she had two close matches.