Voices in the hall: How do you feel about Russia’s attack on Ukraine?

Senior Mason Welch: “I don’t even know how we are dealing with it that’s basically it.” 

Sophomore Reed Hellman: “It seems pretty serious right now but, as long as we don’t get involved I think we are good.”

Sophomore Leo Fenik: “I think it’s a very serious matter and I feel like we need to talk about it more.”

Sophomore Owen Lecky: “I think Russia is making a bad move because of Ukraine’s allies.”

HHS Government Teacher Kym Grillot: “It’s important for everyone to know that President Biden is consulting with the international community on the best way to handle the Ukraine and Russian situation. Our allies in Europe are very concerned and right now the president is going to be assisting them and working with them on their concerns.” 

Senior Issac Surrey: “I don’t really know too much about it, we watched a few videos about it in my first period. I saw some explosions. I heard there were some troupes on the ground in a couple of cities.” 

Freshman Lily Arnberg: “I just hope it clears and I hope that Russia backs off Ukraine so we can be in peace.”

Senior Katie Rhea: “These are really scary times and I hope it resolves.”

Senior Caden Fraley: “Honestly, this situation is more complicated than it seems. Neither side necessarily want the war but it was inevitable. There is a huge unlikelihood of NATO involvement and sanctions won’t stop a war. This is serving for a proving of being able to overtake a sovereign nation for defense and ethnic claims, which is truly the worrying part.”

Senior Sarah Holder: “I think that it’s scary for Ukraine and it’s unfortunate for them. They didn’t do anything wrong. A lot of the Russians are protesting and Putin is putting them in jail. I don’t think the U.S. will get involved and I think we should take it as a life lesson.”