“WHO-DE-LAY” season: Fort Thomas’ Super Bowl Plans for Feb. 14


(Courtesy of the KSBA’s calendar)

At the Board of Education meeting, those decided to switch late arrival days.

The day after the Super Bowl is an important day for Cincinnati and the Tri-State area this year. 

The Bengals going into Super Bowl LVI for the first time in 30 years is something Fort Thomas Independent Schools students and teachers are excited for. 

The “Who-Dey-Lay,” affectionately named by FTIS Superintendent Brian Robinson, is happening this year on February 14.

Some were so excited they started a petition to have an NTI day on Valentine’s Day. 

This petition was started by Eighth-grader Mason Howard. He started this petition to have students be able to have an NTI day instead of going to school.

This petition was put on Change.org and had over 1,000 signatures.

Robinson heard about this petition through rumors but knew that an NTI day wouldn’t be allowed. NTI days are only available when state legislatures and emergencies are announced.

As far as NTI days go, it would not have been an acceptable use of NTI as they were approved by the state legislators for emergencies.”

At the February 7 board meeting, the board of education, with consultation from Robinson, that on February 14, students will have a two-hour delay. Our late arrival, a one-hour delay done most months, was moved from Wednesday, February 16 to that Monday. An additional hour was added to that.

Robinson decided this because it is a successful time for the Bengals this year. Since a late arrival was already scheduled for later that week, he thought it would be a benefit to just move it for teachers and students.

Since we already had a late arrival day scheduled for the 16th, we saw it as an opportunity to change the schedule, not impact instructional time greatly, and place a late arrival at a time when all may benefit.

With this two-hour delay, students will not have to make up the time in the future. But, due to past snow days on February 3 and February 4, we will be taking up a day off of a now three-day weekend in March, along with ending school on June 3, to make up for these lost days. 

Robinson hopes that students and teachers enjoy this two-hour delay. 

“We are excited to show some spirit and celebrate together.”