Help is on the way: Math tutoring


Lianne Guttadauro, Evelyn Hopping, and Ella Cox

Math tutoring posters around the school.

     Listening to the math teacher, zoning out because the material is confusing. Sitting down at home, looking down at pages and pages of problems that are difficult to understand.  

     Instead of late, confusing, and frustrating nights of math, students can go to room 100 after school, from 2:50-3:50, on Mondays. 

     Students can simply walk in and get tutored. No scheduling is required. All the tutors are students who have been in your shoes before. You will be able to find someone who can help with any math level needed. 

     There is more help for math on the Highlands High School tutoring page, which shows a schedule of all the dates and times you can get tutored.  

     “Every Monday, students can come in and get tutored,” said Math Teacher Katie Carelock. 

     Sophomore Anna McCoy, one of the tutors, said, Sophomore Anna McCoy, one of the tutors, said, “I’ve always wanted to teach and I like helping people with math.  I really enjoy tutoring fellow students.” 

     Freshman Ashton Willis, one of the students who gets tutored, said, “I think it’s important and helpful, and the people are really nice.” 

     Like many other students, Willis gets tutored most Mondays before he goes to archery practice. 

     If students are ever in need of math assistance or something needs to be clarified, come to room 100 on Mondays.