Vans and flared leggings: January fashion is skyrocketing!

     With the new year beginning, new fashion starts. Vans, fishnets, and tank tops are all in right now.

     Shoes are an important part of each outfit and how they are put together. Vans are one of the biggest brands of shoes right now.

     With different colors and styles, Vans has taken over Highlands High School students’ wardrobes. 

     Sophomore Austin Jones stated what type of vans he owns.

     “I own white high-top Vans. I like them because they are super comfortable.”

     High-tops and slip-on Vans are the most popular type of shoes that are produced by the Vans company. With shoes comes the rest of the outfit. 

     Flared pants are a favored fashion item this season. With them taking over teenagers’ closets, we are seeing them everywhere.

     “The flared-out leggings are my favorite trend,” said Sophomore Audrey Thomas. 

     They are a very popular trend for the cold time of year.

     With it being so cold, the weather can ruin a cute outfit. Tank tops are popular and cute with most outfits but are hard to pair with outfits during cold times. 

     To warm up a cute tank top or t-shirt, jackets and cardigans are used to dress up the outfit.

     “The cold is pretty rough on my fashion because I only own so many coats,” said Senior Henry McIntosh.

     There are many stores and ways to get clothes that match your style, many people like to shop at the mall, thrift stores, or even hand-me-downs. 

     Freshman Eva Sarakatannis disclosed where she gets her clothes from.

     “I get most of my clothes from American eagle or thrift stores.”

     Shopping can be very fun, getting to find the items that you feel most comfortable in, however, many people choose different places to shop at. 

     Many clothes can be very pricey, especially for high school students who are on a limited budget, so thrifting is a great option for those who don’t want to break the bank on clothes.

     Mclntosh explains where he gets most of his clothes from and how he keeps them affordable.

     “I prefer thrifting, I don’t have as much money so that helps to keep it affordable and if it’s been worn before, chances are it’ll look just as good being worn again.”

     As the January weather changes frequently it is good to stay warm and comfortable while keeping up with the fashion trends going on.