HHS football looks to improve off of 2021-22 season: Post-season line-up


Tamra Armstrong

Highlands High School football players stand on the sideline, waiting to play.

     During the post-season, Highlands High School football players and coaches have been working on improving their skills through using form tackling and chopping low, to help them achieve being the best tackling team in Kentucky. 

     What have been the highlights of the 2021-22 season?

     The highlights of this season have been the team developing over time since last March with new head coach Bob Sphire and offensive coordinator  Hayden Sphire throughout the off-season.  

     The team has been competing in multiple camps and tournaments, such as the EKU 7v7/ Lineman challenge. This has led the team to progressively get better, using our connection and focusing on us being fundamentally sound as it goes on.

     What have been the best games? 

     The games against Bowling Green High School and Covington Catholic High School were the top two games of the regular season. The player’s and crowd’s determination and energy levels helped set the tone and inspired the players to compete at their highest level. During these two games, we all just had momentum coming into the game firing off early with us scoring the touchdown first in both games. 

     What have been the challenges?  

     There haven’t been many challenges this year besides learning how to work with a new coach, and everyone getting acclimated to the new schemes. 

     After losing to Covington Catholic High School in the playoffs there is a lot that the team can improve on in the off-season. According to Sphire, the team just needs to get stronger as a whole and eat more to gain weight. This is the first true off-season as a team, so there are going to be multiple team lifts, speed, and conditioning, along with our camps for our lineman and skill players.