Lights! Camera! Action!: “Radium Girls” begins tomorrow night


Emerson Fraley

A “Radium Girls” flyer in the HHS hallways.

     The ticking of the green glowing clock, the taste of the radium, the prick of a brush. The Highlands High School-produced play, “Radium Girls,” begins tomorrow night.

     HHS Theater Director Jason Burgess commented on what the play is about.

     “Radium Girls is a true story based on dial panthers 1920, where women painted radium paint on watch dials that were then sent to soldiers so they could see at night. The watches would glow.”

     Play auditions started in August and the students are working at least 20 hours a week to get everything done. 

    According to Burgess, he wanted to give the actors a challenge to experience the backstage option.

     “I wanted to challenge the new students and I want to make sure they love the story and think it is one that will return with the audience. ‘’

     This week is tech week, according to Freshman Assistant Stage Manager Aisley Street, which means everyone in the crew has to work together to get everything tech-related prepared. 

     “We are in tech week so right now I’m listening to cue and making sure everything is going smoothly. I help out with anyone who needs me. I’m just on the headset talking to other people.” 

     The play runs through on Sunday, November 7, so purchase a ticket at On the Stage. Tomorrow, the Hilltopper will feature a photo gallery and review of the show.