Chilly seasons: November’s cool and warm tones

     November is here and fashion is in the minds of Highlands High School students. Different colors and patterns that are popular for the fall are important to know about.

     Warm tones and flannels are the most popular things to show off this fall and early winter. As the beginning of winter sneaks up this November, being warm is an important concept for the chilly season coming up. 

     Junior Robert Arnberg discussed his color choices for this November

     “I probably wear white the most. I always wear white.” 

     White and warm colors are some of HHS students’ favorites during this time of year. Matching and mixing with warm tones is very in this season. Browns and oranges are a go-to this fall. You can find any type of clothing in all different colors and patterns. 

     According to Freshman Rudi Wilson, the colors are popular due to matching the colors of trees and the feeling of fall.

     “I wear warm tones for shirts and tops and more cool tones for pants so they blend together.“ 

     Along with that, staying warm is highly important. Flannels and jackets are most favored for the season due to keeping students warm and comfortable. 

     Flannels are one of the most popular items to wear throughout the fall time. At some point, we started to pin flannels and fall together, according to Senior Emmie Brewer.

     “Somehow we correlate fall and country with flannels. It’s kind of crazy.”

     Flannels are a key component for all students in the fall. They are comfortable and warm to wear during the season.

     Sophomore Kyle Schnelle explained why flannels are so important for fall fashion.

     “Because they are comfortable and warm. They are easy to style with as well.” 

     With flannels come sweaters and jackets. They are also easy to style with and put outfits together with. 

     According to Freshman Rudi Wilson, she and many others have a love for sweaters.

     “Heavy layers like sweaters and jackets are my favorite.” 

     Heavy layers are approachable and popular for when the weather starts to get a little colder. 

     The reason behind this is that sweaters are stylish yet still keep students warm and comfortable. They are easy to make different outfits with no matter what the weather is during this November season. With the chilly weather sneaking up in November, it is time to pick out the perfect outfits to keep you cozy and stylish.