“Gone pumpkin pickin:” join the Pumpkin Walk tonight


(Courtesy of the Pumpkin Walk)

When you enter the pumpkin walk there are pumpkins on both sides of the trail. If you would like to make it more fun you can dress up in a costume. Lights, light up the trail from the pumpkins and lots of candy. Get to see all of everyone’s costumes and fun ideas.

Entering the woods, one can see and smell the pumpkins. Walking through the path, the lights glare. People are talking and spending time with family making memories. Eating candy, waiting for Halloween to come, hoping to be with friends, and having fun. 

The Fort Thomas Pumpkin Walk opens October 29 from 6 to 9 P.M. There are pumpkins, lights, and candy. It is an opportunity to get out of the house and look at people’s art. 

Freshman Katherine Venneman has attended the Pumpkin Walk many times. 

She said, “Night is the best time to go because there are lights and it sets the vibe.” 

There are two opportunities to help out with the Pumpkin Walk this year. One of the options is to dress up in Halloween costumes and pass out candy to everyone. The City of Fort Thomas needs about 15 people to dress up in family-friendly Halloween costumes. A resident can dress up on October 29 from 5:30-9:00 P.M. or until the last group walks into the pumpkin walk. 

People can also help carve 250 pumpkins on October 27 or 28 in Tower Park and have them on display. 

According to Sophomore Lindsey Kempe, nighttime is the best time to go to the Pumpkin Walk because there are lights in the pumpkins and it makes it scarier. 

Kempe said, “ I recommend bringing people because it is super fun and a cool experience.”