“Share the food, share the love:” let’s be the hunger heroes


(Courtesy of Elise Carter)

HHS Teacher Elise Carter sends out a message to Highlands High School students about the canned food drive.

     The Highlands High School tradition of a canned food drive is happening this week, October 25 to October 28.  This impacts a lot of different people, as they are being donated to the Hosea House and the Brighton Center. 

     The Hosea House is an organization that helps people and families get fed during a crisis. The Henry Hosea House feeds over 200 poor or homeless people each week.

     The Brighton Center allows people and families to reach self-sufficiency through family support services. In the year 2020, the Brighton Center impacted the lives of 46,445 individuals ranging from infants to senior citizens.   

     The canned food drive is happening at the end of October, unlike previous years. 

     Senior Savannah King gave some insight on why it’s happening at this time. 

     “The reason why we did it at this time was because of people not having food on Thanksgiving. We want to make sure they have food.”

     During previous years, the canned food drive hasn’t been as successful as many would hope, due to not many people having participated. 

     According to HHS Teacher Elise Carter, this year there is a prize, which are tickets to a local haunted house, the Dent Schoolhouse. 

     “During previous years we have bought lunch and this year it’s tickets to the Dent School House.”

     The drive ends this Thursday, October 28. All proceeds go to the Henry Hosea House along with the Brighton Center.