Highlands Seniors socially distance for the First Day of School


Lexie Crawford

Students are thrilled to come back to school this early.

This morning at 8:30, on August 31st, the Senior class of 2021 kicked off the year by coming and being the live audience to broadcast. Students and faculty showed Matt Bertasso, principal, their bluebird spirit while also managing social distancing.

Trinity Walsh, the counselor, gave an idea of what the first few weeks of the school year are going to look like and the expectations that need to be met.

Students are expected to be logged in every morning and stay in contact with all of their teachers throughout the day, and always check Schoology. The student’s schedules can be found on Schoology, with separate even and odd class days and their individual time frames.

Spring NTI days certainly differed from the upcoming Fall NTI. Spring was very unexpected, therefore the teachers and staff used the summer to plan and piece the puzzle back together for the fall school year.

Unlike the schedules in the spring, the fall class schedules are going to be timely and well-organized. Now, students will be expected to log on at 8:05 for their first virtual class of the day and end at 1:50, unless a student takes early bird.

Journalism is going to be live-tweeting to try and keep everyone posted on events this year, so make sure to check out journalism on social media!